Benefits of Portable Self-Owned Storage

Ownership - Ownership has it's privleges... not only are you not throwing money down a black hole,  you're building equity asset value if you so choose.

Moving-  Use Portable Storage S.O.S to load your belongings at your pace, then give us a call and we will deliver it to where you are moving, within the Southern Oregon region.

Getting rid of clutter - Whether selling your home or hosting family for extended visits - a Portable Self Owned storage unit lets you temporarily store non-essential stuff and declutter your living space.

Consolidating - Use a Portable Self Owned storage unit to store extra furniture or boxes when downsizing a home or office. Take your time in deciding what to do with your extra stuff.

Renovations - Protect your belongings during repairs or upgrades. A Portable Self Owned storage unit helps you keep your furniture, electronics and other valuables safe and out of the way, so you can reclaim space from intrusive home renovations.

Salvaging - Speed recovery from fire or water damage with a delivered Portable Self Owned storage unit. Store salvaged items on-site so you can get to them while work is being done, or let Portable Self Owned store them in our secure, property in Central Point, Oregon.

Archiving - Make record retention a cinch with a Portable Self Owned storage unit delivered right to your office. We bring it to your site on request so you can add new records or search for needed paperwork. Special rates help make long-term record storage affordable.

Options -

1. Oversize unit with oversized door (you can park a car in it).

2. Fully insulated units (walls and ceiling)

3. windows or man doors for job site office space.

4. climate control wall units (you must supply power)

5. custom paint colors (unit must be purchased out right)

Portable Storage Pods