How Our Program Works

Our portable storage units (PSU) come in 3 standard sizes, 8x12-8x16 and 8x20. Once You have determined which size suits your needs, We will deliver the PSU to your location and you will sign a month to month contract with us. Please ask about available options for customizing your portable storage unit to completely fit your needs.

When you are ready for delivery, we will bring the unit to your location, and you will sign a month to month agreement. Once you have taken delivery, you can take as much time loading it as you would like. When you have finished loading the PSU, you have two choices. 1.) you can keep the unit at your location, or 2.) call us to pick it up, using our "Always level" system, and you can store it at our location at 106 W Vilas Road in Central Point Oregon. If you store at our location, you can access your unit just as you would at any typical storage facility...7:00am to 9:00pm year around.

                          Here's how "SELF OWNED STORAGE" comes into play

If you choose to store the PSU at your site, then 50% of your monthly payment is applied to Equity build up for future purchase if you so decide. However, if you choose to store at our site, then 25% of your monthly payment is applied to equity build up. It's that simple! No more throwing Money down a black hole.

At termination of your monthly rental/lease agreement You have 3 choices of what to do with your "Equity build up".

1.) You may "walk away" once the PSU is emptied and in possession of lessor, and all rents. fees and damages, if any have been paid for, lessee forfeits all equity and retains no rights to PSU.


2.) You may pay off contract balance-lessee may pay the difference between equity build up and lease option/purchase price listed above as well as any outstanding rents and fees, if any.  Lessee would then own PSU outright and lease contract would be satisfied for a $ 1.00 (one dollar) buy out.


3.) You may sell PSU back to lessor. lessor may purchase unit from lessee for 0%-100% of equity build up, not to exceed hard cost value minus any maintenance or repair required for resale.  This option may only be excercised upon agreement of Both parties and Portable Storage S.O.S is in no way obligated to purchase back the PSU.

Please call or email us for a quote and delivery times that are available in your area.

At 541-664-7676 or Email us now.

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